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Seguros O&P

The New Face of Insurances

Seguros O&P is a Panama-based insurance broker with over 25 years of experience providing the best services and products for both personal and corporate insurance solutions.


Seguros O&P wanted to renew its corporate image and brand to reflect its personality and values and wanted to create a cohesive experience for its customers. They also required developing a new marketing website to provide information about their products and services and attract new customers with an easy way to get super fast quotes on their main products.


Unifying the visual identity

Now that the firm is growing and new members started to join the team, each had a different way of presenting information to the clients, it was time to unify and standardize all the documentation and visual identity and create a document with all the guidelines.

Providing fast responses

As new prospects require more information about insurance plans, it's important to have an automated way to generate quotes promptly.

Brand Strategy

With more than 25 years in the insurance market, Seguros O&P had a clear understanding of its core values and positioning, so the strategy sessions were dedicated to reviewing its primary target audience by creating a detailed Customer Persona and defining how to better talk to them clearly and compellingly.


Once that was achieved, the only missing part was to develop the correct customer journey map and design a brand personality that would combine Seguros O&P's core values and message with their audience preferences.

Brand Core and ValuesBrand Personality workshop exercise
Primary Color
Secondary Color

Brand Identity

The construction started with creating two different Stylsecapes (mood boards on steroids), one more elegant, the other modern and rebellious; both included some possible logo concepts and color pallets. After the definition of the final Stylescape, the logo concepts were refined and narrowed down to 3different options and an additional “wild card” (picked as the final option by the client).

Color Pallets were tweaked and finalized, and from there, the following steps were the construction of the collateral design, including Business Cards,Letterhead, Envelopes, and all the required stationary. The final part of the puzzle was the Brand Identity Manual, and the identity was ready. Next part of the project: Construction of the website.

Stylescape 01
Stylescape 02
Logo Sketches
Seguros O&P Final Logo
Business Cards
Pattern Design
Brand Manual
Street Sign
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