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Unbranded Architecture

Sustainable Architecture

Unbranded Architecture is an architectural firm based in Panama that is dedicated to designing places that integrate with the environment in which they will be built, in addition to being a leading firm in the design of organic architecture focused on sustainability and harmonious impact.


For the Unbranded team, it is essential to expand its client portfolio, looking for ways to reach more people interested in this type of sustainable architecture. This needs to pay attention to its current portfolio of clients who are the ones who sustain the active operation.


Understanding the brand landscape

Effective marketing requires a deep understanding of your company's core and position concerning its competitors. Before creating a marketing strategy, it was necessary to start with a deep dive into the company itself. And craft an effective brand strategy.


Targeting the right audience

Once the information about the company and its competitors is gathered and adequately sorted is essential to do the same regarding its potential clients. The Marketing message has to be crafted for them.

Brand Strategy

After defining specific goals for the entire project, we created a team composed of members of both Unbranded (at that moment called NU Studio) and Dancing Pels. The brandStrategy Workshop sessions were designed to help the team understand the importance of a bulletproof strategy and uncover and understand all the information needed for the strategy. Focusing on three main pillars: BrandCore, Brand Position, and Personality.

As part of the positioning, we crafted a clear picture of the target audience, so the message is designed especially for them.

Brand Core Workshop ExerciseCustomer Persona Workshop Exercise
Primary Color
Secondary Color

Brand Identity

As a result of an in-depth assessment during the strategy workshop and the definition of a clear Customer Persona, constructing an Identity that spoke to the correct audience was easy to achieve.

The team was able to define a clear path to follow, starting with the creation of 2different Stylsecapes (mood boards on steroids) that included some possible logo concepts and color pallets. This continued with the refinement of several of the Logo concepts until we arrived at two distinctive possibilities. After reviews and refinement, the new name and logo were defined, and there were just a few more steps until the rest of the brand Identity was created, including all the clients required.

Stylescape 01
Stylescape 02
Logo Ideas
Unbranded Architecture Logo
Indoors Banner
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