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Arte Comercial is an Academy for passionate lovers of design, where you can learn about tools and concepts of Graphic Design, Web Design, Brand Identity, and more. A crucial key factor is that it is 100% in Spanish.


Arte Comercial is a YouTube channel that wanted to grow into an online academy specialized in teaching design courses and selling digital downloads. We helped them identify the brand personality and build an online platform that included a marketing website, a course platform, and an online community for their students.


Finding the right mix

As a small YouTube channel, Arte Comercial had less than 2K subscribers who used to have free content. We had to create an engaging platform that would motivate users to go beyond YouTube into an academy offering more structured content fora small fee and allowing them to be part of a community of like-minded individuals.

Keeping people engaged

To ensure that the community stays engaged and keeps coming to the academy, we developed a Blog as part of the online community that allows Arte Comercial to publish periodical articles about interesting subjects. We also created an email marketing funnel to keep subscribers informed of news, articles, and any new product or course available in the academy.

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Brand Identity

ArteComercial wanted to stand out from the crowd and simultaneously leverage the recognition of the owner and instructor in the Latin Design community. So the logo was crafted with this in mind giving it a unique and memorable look. Since Arte Comercial is a Design academy and YouTube channel, it has to continuously evolve and maintain a fresh and recognizable look. So the brand's design had to be fluid and easy to maintain for its constant evolution.

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