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Dancing Pels is more than just a creative studio; we are your partners in crafting digital masterpieces. We believe in the transformative power of well-designed websites. They're not just platforms; they're stories, experiences, and the first impression many will have of your brand.

With a primary focus on Website Design, we merge aesthetics with functionality, ensuring every site we create isn't just visually captivating but also a strategic asset for your business.

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Based in Panama City, Panama, our team, a blend of innovative designers and tech-savvy developers, is dedicated to transforming your online vision into a reality. We pride ourselves on offering a boutique experience, far removed from the impersonal touch of large agencies.

At Dancing Pels, there are no B teams, every client receives our A Game, ensuring tailor-made solutions that resonate with your brand's values and objectives. Whether you're a startup looking for a digital launchpad or an established brand aiming for a website revamp, our dedicated team is committed to making your online presence unforgettable.

The Reason
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We are not just creating websites; we're crafting digital narratives. A well-crafted website can be the bridge between a brand and its audience, fostering understanding, trust, and lasting relationships.

We exist to be the architects of these bridges, ensuring that every brand we work with not only has a presence online but thrives and resonates deeply with its audience. In a world where first impressions often happen online, we're committed to making those moments count.


Trust is the cornerstone of every relationship. We uphold our promises, ensuring that every interaction is rooted in honesty and transparency. Our clients can always count on us to act with their best interests at heart.


True collaboration stems from genuine listening. We prioritize open dialogue, ensuring that our clients feel heard, understood, and valued. It's not just about conveying ideas; it's about forging connections.


While we have a broad range of expertise, we're selective in our focus. Our commitment is to be the best in our chosen fields, ensuring that our clients benefit from our deep knowledge and passion for excellence.


Every project is an opportunity to inspire and be inspired. We approach our work with enthusiasm and creativity, aiming to ignite the same passion in our clients and their audiences. Together, we create experiences that captivate and resonate.

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Transform your online presence with a captivating website that truly resonates.

Ready to elevate your business? Let's embark on this journey together.

Our Core Team


Julio ArangoJulio Arango

Julio Arango

CEO & Creative Director

Julio is the creative force behind Dancing Pels, with over 20 years of experience in design, marketing and business strategy. After studying in London and the U.S., he returned to Panama to co-found a design agency and later played a transformative role in his family business.

Today, Julio is more than just the leader of Dancing Pels. He's a certified EXMA Speaker and lectures on topics from Personal Branding to Artificial Intelligence. His ultimate goal is to empower companies to connect meaningfully with their audience, embodying the transformative power of effective branding.

Kathia TagaropulosKathia Tagaropulos

Kathia Tagaropulos


Kathia  is the administrative powerhouse at Dancing Pels, overseeing personnel, accounting, and all operational aspects of the studio. With a degree in Marketing and Advertising, Kathia brings over a decade of experience in operational and administrative roles across various organizations. In 2007, she founded her own asset management firm, catering to an international clientele.

Previously, Kathia also served as the administrative manager for an international foundation in Panama. Her meticulous attention to detail and organizational skills ensure that the studio runs smoothly, allowing the creative team to focus on what they do best—designing memorable brand experiences.