The Challenge

Three-Eyed Smiley, a small studio known for its exceptional work in commercial video post-production, faced a significant challenge as it began to gain recognition in its industry. The team realized the importance of establishing touchpoints for their customers' journey to conversion, with the website being the primary and most crucial element. Despite their growing reputation, the absence of a website became a stumbling block for new leads seeking information online.

Recognizing this, Three-Eyed Smiley set out to create a digital platform that would not only serve as an informative resource for their work but also embody the unique spirit and creativity of their brand. The challenge was to design and develop a website from the ground up, ensuring it effectively showcased their portfolio and services while making it easy for visitors to navigate and engage.

Project Type
Web Design
Client Location
Atlanta, Georgia
Client Speciality
Video Production
Client's Website

Our Approach

Discovery & Design

During the Discovery & Design phase, a key objective was to effectively display Three-Eyed Smiley's extensive portfolio of video projects. It was crucial to organize these videos in client-specific groups to highlight the studio's ability to retain clients over time, showcasing the trust and satisfaction that led to repeat collaborations.

Equally important was the need to feature detailed case studies that would walk visitors through the studio's creative process, from concept to completion. Achieving the right aesthetic was critical; the website needed to reflect Three-Eyed Smiley's unique "grunge" brand identity. This meant steering clear of a traditional corporate look and instead embracing a design that resonated with their love for action figures, skateboards, and comic books. The challenge was to blend professionalism with the studio's rebellious spirit, creating a website that was not only informative and easy to navigate but also authentically represented their brand's essence.

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Custom Development & SEO

The primary goal was to balance the visual richness of showcasing numerous videos with maintaining a sleek, user-friendly interface and optimal website performance. The challenge lay in designing a platform that could handle a substantial video portfolio without overwhelming the servers or the users' visual experience. A key part of this strategy involved integrating a Content Management System (CMS) that was straightforward for the client to update with new cases and content, ensuring the site remains fresh and relevant.

Expertise in Webflow was crucial to meet these demands, requiring the implementation of lightweight custom coding to avoid bogging down the site's speed and performance. This approach ensured that the website looked good and aligned with Three-Eyed Smiley's "grunge" brand aesthetic, offering a seamless experience for visitors. The SEO strategy was woven into the development process from the start, optimizing the site to rank well in search engines while keeping it easy to navigate and engaging for users.

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Launch and Evaluation

Before going live we did a comprehensive review of all assets against the brand guidelines, confirming that every design element perfectly reflected Three-Eyed Smiley's unique brand identity. This attention to detail extended to rigorous testing of all custom code, with a focus on optimizing performance across both desktop and mobile platforms to guarantee a flawless user experience.

Upon successfully launching the website, the focus shifted to post-launch SEO audit and optimization. This critical step was aimed at fine-tuning the site's search engine performance, ensuring that it not only attracted the right audience but also maintained high visibility in search results.

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The Result

The new website marked a significant milestone for Three-Eyed Smiley's digital journey. This transformation from having no online footprint to boasting a dynamic, custom-designed portfolio site underscores the profound impact of the project. The website serves as a testament to Three-Eyed Smiley's creativity and a beacon, attracting clients who appreciate the studio's distinctive blend of professionalism with a grunge aesthetic.

Feedback from the client has been great, highlighting the seamless process and the tangible benefits the new site has brought to their business. Their commendation of our services, coupled with a strong endorsement for future collaborations, reflects the deep satisfaction with the project's outcome. This venture is a clear demonstration of how a well-executed digital strategy can elevate a brand, showcasing the power of a partnership built on understanding, expertise, and shared success.

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Blake Livingston
Blake Livingston
Video Editor/Motion Designer
Working with Julio and the Dancing Pels team has been great! This was my company's first website, and there was a gap in my knowledge regarding web design. Julio patiently explained to me exactly what we needed, why we needed it, and how to operate it once everything was completed. The team went over and beyond to help me resolve a few issues that we ran into. I would highly recommend this company.
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