The Challenge

AB Photo & Video, a studio excelling in architectural photography and videography, found themselves constrained by a generic website that didn't do justice to their unique brand or visual storytelling prowess. Lost in a sea of templated online presences, they struggled to distinguish themselves in a competitive landscape.

They required a bespoke website that resonated with their brand voice and engagingly showcased their extraordinary work. Additionally, it was vital for their new website to not just look great but be a beacon on the web – easy for potential clients to find and explore. The entire project needed to fit seamlessly with their existing brand, ensuring consistency and familiarity for their audience.

Project Type
Web Design
Client Location
Seattle, Washington.
Client Speciality
Video Production
Client's Website

Our Approach

Discovery & Design

In the Discovery and Design phase, we immersed ourselves in AB Photo & Video's world to understand their brand and audience - high-end architectural firms, real estate firms, and luxury property owners.

Our deep dive into their brand identity was critical. We sifted through their existing assets, ensuring the website would be a natural extension of their brand. Then came the exciting part: mapping out the user experience. We crafted a site journey that's as intuitive as it is compelling, making sure every click drew users deeper into AB Photo & Video's story.

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Custom Development & SEO

Diving into the Custom Development phase, we focused on the Portfolio and Case Studies to showcase AB Photo & Video's prowess. The Portfolio was split into photography and videography sections. Each medium had its stage – the Video Work page was like a cinematic theater, while the Photography Work page echoed an art gallery's elegance.

The Case Studies section was our canvas for storytelling. Here, the narrative was key, detailing the journey behind each project, and encapsulating the challenges, solutions, and outcome. It was a deep dive into the client's process.

In both sections, our focus was dual: stunning visual appeal and strategic SEO optimization. We weaved in carefully selected keywords and crafted metadata to ensure each project was as discoverable as it was enthralling. The website transformed into a space that didn't just showcase the client's work but also narrated the depth of their expertise, attracting the right audience and building a bridge of trust and insight.

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Launch and Evaluation

When AB Photo & Video's website went live, it was a momentous occasion, but our work was far from over. Immediately, we dove into a thorough performance and SEO review. This meant checking how well the site functioned across various browsers and devices, ensuring top-notch performance no matter how or where it was accessed.

 Simultaneously, we conducted a detailed SEO audit. This was crucial to guarantee that the site was fully optimized for search engines right out of the gate. By focusing on these technical aspects from the start, we set the website on a strong path for future user engagement and pattern analysis.The goal was clear: a seamless, high-performing website that excelled invisibility from day one.

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The Result

With the launch of their new website, AB Photo & Video stepped into a new era of digital presence. The client's appreciation for our process and their eagerness to continue our partnership speaks volumes about the project's success. The site has enhanced their online visibility, providing a platform that effectively showcases their expertise and attracts a clientele that values their unique artistic approach. This project, a collaborative effort from start to finish, has not only achieved its initial goals but also set the stage for future growth and adaptability. In the end, it's a story of shared vision and mutual success, a testament to the power of understanding and fulfilling client needs.

Media Production for Design & Build Professionals.
Anton Benedikt
Anton Benedikt
Founder, Photographer, & Cinematographer
“Julio was great to work with. He listened well and ensured everything was accounted for. His process was smooth and simple from initial communication, pre-design, change requests, and final review. I'd recommend him for your website development needs. If I decide to adjust or change my website, I'll definitely be using him again.”
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